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  • Cult of KTM

    Is KTM running some kind of a cult? I mean you see the bikes everywhere. I've had KTM riders show up on my doorstep early in the morning asking if I wanted to join them. Should I be concerned?

    As soon as someone gets a KTM suddenly they appear dressed only in KTM apparel. Seems they can't wait to tell everybody about how they should get a KTM to and how they don't understand why it took so long for them to 'see the light'. Is it important that we all look the same and ride the same bike? Is this part of a master plan from the fatherland?

    And what's the deal with KTM and "White Power". Is it just me or is there a striking resemblance to KTM and KKKtink What really is going on in Austria? How about PDS and POS any similarities there?

    If KTM is truly great why is their web site Check it out for yourself.

    Hey KTM owners I know what that bottle opener they provide you with is for; I urge you for your own safety Don't drink the koolaidbnc
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    I do live in Maple Ridge, so I thought the White Power suspension was appropriate for my geographical choice on where to purchase a home :p



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      Is Arnie a part of it all?


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        I think you are all just jealous that your precious Kawasaki's, Honda's and Yamaha's have all those unnecessary rear suspension components that need maintaining and you don't have the time to watch your dog enjoying lunch in his KTM dog bowl or your wife strut around the yard in her KTM bikini while your sitting in your KTM lawn chair under your KTM easy up shelter!!!!!..... think about that.The next time they come knocking at your door mabee let them inlol2lol2lol2twofinger


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          The cult of KTM?

          What about those Husky guys. Every one of them that I run into is a Husky nut. I've heard that they even swap their brand new motors into the old frames just for a few laughs and to spend more time with their Huskys.



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            And what about the guys at Beta i believe it was them putting the old KTM 4 stroke motor in their brand new enduro bike, they bought the rights, molds and all the old stock.
            (was in feb or march Dirt Bike mag). The new Husaberg seems to have a lot of the KTM plastic too!!!(just changed the color).If the competition is joining the cult? kinda makes you wonder why?tinkdrlbwbwbwOh KTMbwbwbwdrl