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Club Meeting June 1 2017

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  • Club Meeting June 1 2017

    Our next club meeting will be held Thursday June 1st at 7:30pm Ricky's Country Restaurant 20110 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge, regular order of business

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    last minute minutes from the june meeting

    Minutes for the June 1 meeting
    Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm
    The signed minutes for the May meeting were accepted as presented
    Treasurer’s report:
    Dave Sudul provided an account of the clubs current finances. We currently have approx 170 paid members, with 80 trail passes sold. Memberships are coming in thru the website and are being mailed out weekly. The stolen quad is covered under theft insurance so a claim will be filled. It is unknown as to whether we will be able to make a claim on the stolen saw/winch
    Presidents Report/ Trail Committee Report:
    Doug Young gave a report on the section 56/57 proposal. At the last minute we found out that our submission was too vague and a rewrite had to be done. Doug, Rick and Damien pulled an all nighter to rewrite the necessary section and re-submitted it in time. Going forword, trail work will needed to be documented. And possibly restricted to the loops/trails that have been included in the proposal .
    Trail committee:
    Trail work is continuing on the ROUTE trails. Bridge heights need to be clarified so we know what to build to. Water bar standard needs to be developed.

    Internet/marketing Committee and ROAE Report:
    Proposed to go with the t shirt design we have and get them printed. sign up sheets need to be printed, tags tallied etc. actual route needs to be finalized. Ryan did an informal poll and club jerseys may be an option in the future. Electronic sign up is still open, we just need to make it known.

    Meeting adjourned at 830