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Club Meeting Thursday September 7th

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  • Club Meeting Thursday September 7th

    Our next club meeting will be held Thursday Sept 7 at 7:30pm Ricky's Country Restaurant 20110 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge, regular order of business

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    minutes from the september meeting

    Minutes for the September 7 2017 meeting

    Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm
    The signed minutes for the July meeting were accepted as presented

    Treasurer’s report:
    We currently have approx. 260 paid members and have sold approx. 156 trail passes. The insurance money from the quad has been received, Maple Ridge Motorsports has paid us for the food for the ROAE. A cheque has been sent to BCORMA for the 2017 trail passes sold to date. Memberships are tapering off and new ones will start being sold at the member ride in October.

    Presidents Report:
    Our revised section 56/57 proposal was accepted and we have a letter of understanding good till December 31, 2016. No new structures (i.e. bridges) or trail construction is permitted unless deemed an emergency. Work has started on the proposal to convert the letter of understanding to an actual section 56/57 approval. Letters of support are being solicited from various groups. Some discussion ensued about the requirements for the section 56/57, trail loops, staging area etc. The previously banned club member is continuing to ride the mountain, including during the fire ban and is still confrontational with club directors.

    Trail Committee Report:
    Need to get lock box on the Mcnutt gate. Next trail is scheduled for Sept 10. We have received a lot of expanded metal from various sources which will be used in various applications. Logging is continuing after the shutdown but much of our trails in the affected areas have been compromised.

    Member appreciation ride is coming up and has been set for Oct 22. Discussion ensued about possibly staging the ride on the Mcnutt road landing above the power lines. International Motorsports has offered to supply food and run the BBQ lunch. Topic of holding riders clinics raised for future discussion

    Meeting adjourned at 8:30