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    Looking for people to contribute to the Trail Information pages. I don't have pages built for all trails yet (ones without hyperlinks from the main page are ones I haven't built yet, but am working on it). I'd like to get Youtube links for trails that I don't have youtube links for yet (or alternate videos from ones that I do have, some of the videos are old). Also, looking for pictures of trails, in particular interesting places on the trails, and more information about the trails - most of the descriptions are pretty bland and basic. I'd love to get some of the original trail builders to provide the stories behind the trail names etc.

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    Does the author have this map in a downloadable kml file? The old kml file on the site doesn?t have trail names and would be great to have. Data isn?t always available on Blue Mountain so it makes Google Maps impossible to use on occasion.


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      Yes, in the forum here: https://bluemountainmotorcycleclub.c.../50446-new-map
      I have found that I get data on the vast majority of Blue Mountain - only exceptions so far have been up on Lake Drive etc. In theory, the GPS should still be able to locate your position and the map should still show the trails, so it should still mostly function, even without a data connection. The other option is using something like BackCountry Navigator app - you can download the Topo info to your phone - I use it for Dual Sport rides and import the KML of the route.


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        Rick I know you put a ton of work into the maps. Even being quite familiar with the various trails, that PDF map is quite difficult to follow. I think it might be a chore for a newbie to the mountain to work out where they are on it.

        Personally I find that a different colour for the logging spurs and access roads is really helpful to see what goes where.


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          I agree that the PDF map is very difficult to use. I use the KML file in Google Earth. That way, I can have it on my phone, and look at the map while I'm out riding. With the KML, each trail is a different colour from trails around it, so you can easily distinguish the different trails and logging roads/FSR's/Spurs are all in white to distinguish them as such. I highly recommend the KML, unless you've got a proper GPS, then you'll likely want the GPX. The only complaint about the GPX (and to the same extent, the KML, but less noticeable) is that some trails are several 'tracks'. When using a GPS device, some trails show up several times because the trail is broken into several different tracks. It makes it harder to use, but was necessary to do in order to be able to modify the maps for making loops (for the Route of All Evil etc.) If a loop (ROAE, for example) is going partway up one trail, then down the power lines road 100M, I have to break the tracks up into separate tracks in order for the 'loop' to only be on that portion of the trail. I plan to eventually join up the tracks in the maps that are released, but then have a chopped up set that I use for making the ROAE etc. maps.