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  • Another membership question

    Hi if I join bcorma and check the box for bmmc will that maw me a member? Or do I have to join also. Maybe a dumb question

    It's easier on The bcorma site


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    As far as I know, linking club membership with TP purchase through BCORMA is a work in progress. The logistics will take some time to work out.
    Every club has a different deal.
    As it is, you save $10 buying your TP and Club m'ship on our site.


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      They have the link on the site

      Plus they take visa

      The bmmc is harder to pay


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        you can pay paypal on bmmc. which is can be setup for your visa.


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          Paypal is a pain in the butt


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            Yes paypal can be a pain but the extra three minutes is worth it to support the club!!!


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              I'll be waiting

              I'll wait until the new year to get a new membership.

              I would still love to provide any building materials. Machine time etc


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                I am also wondering about the same kind of thing.

                I came to the BMMC to join. At the "store" online, I was given an option to buy a BCORMA trail pass as well. So I did that.

                To me, it's a donation to a great cause, but how can I prove I have a pass? How do I get it? Once I paid, I got no further information. I paid $80.

                As well, is there any way to show my support for BMMC? All I have for record is an order number from BMMC after checkout.

                On Aug.26 I intend to head out to Chipmunk Creek and ride the annual dirt bike ride. There is a $10 discount on the entry fee for Trail pass holders. Except...I'm not holding one even though I paid.

                Anyone chime in on this? I suppose if I'd have paid a few bucks more and signed up directly on BCORMA's site I would have received a pass right away?

                Thanks for any reply.



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                  The BCORMA pass will get mailed out, sometimes it takes a few weeks. SuperDave, the club treasurer goes through the purchases and mails them out. You'll bet a BMMC card with a year sticker, plus a separate BCORMA pass to go on your helmet/bike to prove you're a paid 2018 BCORMA pass holder.


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                    Also, I don't think that buying the BCORMA pass through the BCORMA site would have resulted in getting the BCORMA pass much sooner - considering your membership was paid for at 8PM last night. We are working on improving the system so that people get an automated email that explains a bunch of this stuff and gives them links to the welcome package and maps, and lets them know that the BMMC membership card and BCORMA pass can also be picked up from Dave @ Supersport Motorcycle in Langley, at a monthly club meeting, or often on a Sunday morning at 256th parking area. Past members just take this stuff for granted because they've been there done that, but for new members there's definitely a lack of info provided, but we're working on improving this.