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How To Embed Images And Videos

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  • How To Embed Images And Videos

    It looks like there are members still having issues with embedding images and videos into their posts, so I figured I'd post a quick how-to.

    I have used my own content for the following examples simply to avoid losing externally referenced links in the future.

    First, find a video you want to embed; we'll use this video showing the brilliance that is Robert Smith:

    Click the "Share This Video" link directly below the video and copy the text.

    If you haven't already done so, click the "A" in the forum's basic editor:

    This will enable the Advanced editor that looks like this:

    Click the Video embed icon:

    Paste the text you just copied into the box.

    Continue composing your post, and when you're done your video will look like this:


    Just like the above Youtube example, find a Vimeo video you want to share. For example:

    Click the paper airplane icon neat the top right of the video and copy the text under the Link heading.

    Click the "A" in the forum's Basic editor to enable the Advanced editor (if it isn't already enabled).

    Continue as you did for the Youtube example, and you should end up with this:


    Embedding images is a similar process.

    First, find an image you wish to embed. How 'bout this image of a handsome tree cutter:

    Right click on the image and select "Copy Image URL" (or Copy Image Address or something similar depending on your browser, etc.). *NOTE* If you are already logged in to Photobucket, for example, use the "Direct" link associated with the image you want to post.

    Make sure you have the Advanced editor open:

    Now click on the image embed icon (it's right beside the Video embed icon you used for Youtube and Vimeo):

    Paste the text you just copied into the box, click Ok, and you should end up with this:

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    You will most likely NOT see your embedded video(s) when you PREVIEW your post. They will become visible when you complete your post.


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      Thanks for doing this Motorambler


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        Good job 'Rambler


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          How do I go about rectifying the below issue?

          The Dimension limits for this filetype are 800 x 800. We were unable to resize your file so you will need to do so manually and upload it again. Your file is currently 2288 x 1712.


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            Hmmm, interesting. I have never used the File Uploader but am aware of the file size restriction. You could simply crop it or reduce the image size. Both can be done real easy in Pixlr.

            Here's how I would tackle this if I wanted to retain the original proportions of the image but simply need to reduce the size. This will only take 30 seconds.
            1. Go to
            2. Select Pixlr Express > Launch Web App (I assume you're doing this on your computer)
            3. Click Browse
            4. Browse to and select/open the file on your computer that you want to resize
            5. Click on Adjustment in Pixlr
            6. Click Resize
            7. Now you will see the Width and Height (in pixels) of your image. Note: the Keep Proportions button should be on (blue) be default
            8. Adjust only the larger of the two figures to 800 (or 799) and Pixlr will automatically adjust the other dimension according to the image's original proportions
            9. Click on Save
            10. Rename your newly resized image (otherwise the original image will be replaced with the newly resized image)
            11. Click on Save one more time and save it someplace on your computer that you'll be able to find it later
            12. Upload this new image to the BMMC forum :)
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              Thanks Rambler