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What is a good dual sport bike

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  • What is a good dual sport bike

    I'm considering buying a dual sport bike but don't know which ones are the better choices. I plan on using it to double the wife or kids along FSR's and smooth trails. I will also use it to bomb to work and those quick little trips around town. I don't need it to handle Mcnutt as well as my WR, but I would prefer if it could handle the rough stuff for when i'm on it alone.

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    Your budget will be the deciding factor but the KTM 690 is the best do it all dual sport bike! Of course I own one so there is a bit if bias. ha ha. DR400 and KLR650 are also very popular dual sports too. You won't find too much interest in DS here on BMMC but over at DSBC you can get endless advice on various DS bikes.


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      Obviously this is biased, but here is my view....

      KTM 690 enduro but it comes at a price. All said and done I think I am out of pocket $17K after changing the muffler (the stock one runs WAY too hot), changing the side mirrors, putting on a ABS switch, windscreen, rear rack and some luggage bags. No regrets though.

      I have owned a KLR 650 and I don't have any complaints. Solid bike. Easy to get parts. Does the job. But that is just does the job. It did not put a big smile on my face like the KTM does.

      But $$$ is usually a big part of the decision and I am guessing all said and done, the KLR will be $7K cheaper.

      You said you want it to handle McNutt. I don't think either of these bikes will do it for you and I am not familiar with 250cc enduros. In my mind, it is pointless getting an enduro that is anything less than 500cc. Problem is, I think you need a lighter bike for McNutt and one that does sharper turns. I joined BMMC and paid the fee hoping to ride McNutt, but from three outings I quickly realized I had the wrong bike for those trails. That's ok, because I love the riding I can do with the KTM.


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        I already have a bike for Mcnutt. I would like to get a dual sport so i can double the wife on fsr's. But I don't want a heavy or sissy bike. Something 450 4-stroke ish.