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  • help a brother out

    Hey guys. This might not be the best place to ask for help with my bike but here we go. So I just finished doing a valve adjustment on a 05 yz250f. After I put everything back together correctly i pumped the kickstart. Strangely it jams about halfway down. I can't get it past that. I have looked online but can't find any good help.

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    Most likely cause is the cam isn't timed right and the valves have hit the piston. I know on my WR250f engine it wasn't super easy to confirm the cam was in the right spot at TDC so I checked it 3-4 times before bolting her back up.



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      I had the same problem with my 03 yz250f and my 2010. Youtube videos and thumper talk got it all sorted out. Check and double check before pumping the kickstart.


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        It's very easy to bend a valve when they strike the piston, hopefully you didn't turn the motor over with much force. If after correctly timing the cam the bike back fires or runs poorly you may need to remove the head and inspect the valves. Shinning a a small flash light down each port and checking to see if light is escaping past the valve seats indicates a bent valve.


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          I didn't force anything and I can't get the kickstart past halfway anyway. I'm gonna take it all apart and double check the timing again


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            I think I figured out the issue. On the crank I lined it up with a little dot. Instead it was supposed to be an I . Kinda confusing but thanks for the help guys