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  • New to riding, and the club

    Hi all,

    Just bought an '03 CR250R from a member on here, it's my first bike and I'm looking forward to learning the sport and the area. I bought a bronze trail pass, though I've actually yet to ride any of the trails. I'm looking forward to doing so most likely starting in May. I probably won't be posting a lot but I'm hoping to get involved with the community and meet some people. I wont be able to make it to the root of all evil ride on Sunday but I'll be keeping my eyes open for other events.

    I hope to see you on the trails,


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    Braden, welcome to the club and welcome to Blue Mountain. In general, Blue Mountain isn't generally thought of as a place for beginners, but if you're up for a challenge, then it's a great place. I went with a friend of mine when he took his friend and his friend's son out on Blue mountain for the first time - his son had only been riding for 2 months, so very new to riding, but he did really well. We did some of the easier trails to start, and they had a good time.

    When you say it's your first bike, I'm assuming you're new to riding motorcycles? or is it just your first dirt bike? I would suggest starting at the end of 256th street, and riding the gravel road to get comfortable with the bike. The gravel road (256th after the gate) continues on almost to Alouette Lake where there's another gate (note that we're not allowed past the gate to Alouette Lake). Once you've got comfortable with riding on the gravel road, the only places to start, really, is at Sandman or Trials Trail (which T's at Sandman at the top.) It's tempting to park at the end of McNutt Road, since there's easy access to trails (particularly some easier ones), but be aware that there is nowhere to legally park there, and the club frowns on those who do park there, since it's clearly signed for no parking - plus there have been some occurrences of vandalism to trucks parked (illegally) out there.

    A good way to get to know the people riding here and get to know some of the trails is to join in on one of the trail maintenance work parties. Unfortunately, we just had one this past Sunday (in prep for the Route of All Evil ride) and the next one at Blue Mountain isn't schedule until Sep 4th (although the different clubs work together, so we're helping out Chipmunk Creek and Merritt starting in May (work party schedule: With that in mind, there's a number of members who are out doing trail work outside of the 'scheduled' days. If you're interested in helping out with some trail maintenance, post up and you'll likely be able to hook up with somebody going on to do some work on the trails.

    Check out this series of YouTube videos on riding techniques - he has videos from beginner to advanced, and they're generally pretty entertaining:


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      Thanks for the tips!

      I'm getting more and more comfortable with the bike every time I go out, I'm planning on going to Vedder this weekend. I will certainly keep my eye on the work schedule and try to make it out. This is my first bike, I do not plan on riding on the street any time soon.