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  • Back in BC!

    I've recently moved back to BC with my family and can't wait to hit the trails! i'm planning on going up on monday at about 10am to brave the snow, slush and ice. if anyone else is available, would love to learn a thing or two about the trails.


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    Sean, Welcome to Blue Mountain. I'm hoping to get out myself on Monday, but not sure how much snow there will be. Depending on the conditions, we may get some riding in, maybe not. I often take new riders out on familiarization rides. What's your skill level/experience? Have you ridden at Blue Mountain at all yet?

    If you pay for a club membership ($40/year), you'll get access to trail maps and the funds help contribute to the maintenance and preservation of the trails.


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      I have been riding street bikes mostly and fairly new to the dual sport world. I have no experience riding Blue Mountain, so trail maps would be a great help

      I'll definitely sign up as a member.


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        Sean, sounds perfect. I take out a lot of new riders for familiarization rides - a lot of dual sports. I ride a 2010 Husqvarna TE250 dual sport. There's a lot of riders with WR250R's as well. What are you riding? Looks like a Husky TE511?

        If you're interested in seeing some of the trails on YouTube, I have over 180 videos, mostly of Blue Mountain on my youtube channel:
        This was from December - Jack Rabbit Slim and Rear admiral have some challenging rock faces:

        I haven't ridden in over 6 weeks - I had Hernia surgery in Jan, so Monday will be my first time out in a while. I don't know what the snow/trail situation will be like. We don't want to ride if the trail conditions are bad enough - riding in poor trail conditions can easily cause damage to the trails, which we don't want to do.


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          Ok great. Yes the bike is a TE511. Even just to go up and see the trailhead/staging area. I'll be there about 10, I have a white RAM 1500 truck.