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  • Hello ladies and gents

    Hi there! My name's Mitch and I just recently got into riding again, after having some complications at my local spot I have been somewhat forced to try and tackle McNutt good thing I like to struggle :D I might be out at the next trail maintenance day to meet some local riders and help somewhat with my skills as a carpenter. See you on the trails! Oh and I purchased my trail pass on bcorma so I think you have to merge it over here?

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    You don't have to merge it to BMMC. However, when you purchase your trail pass you state which club you want the funds to go to. I believ that half of the funds go to BCORMA and the other half go to the club of your choice. 2018 is fast approaching so you can buy your BCORMA Trail Pass as well as your BMMC membership. See you on the trails.