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  • New mbr here

    Hello folks.

    Just got back into riding after a 10year hiatus. Been riding dirtbikes and streetbikes most of my life on and off. Glad some buddies continuous harassment convinced me to buy a bike again. Picked up a new 250 XC. Amazing bike, loving it, the new tech is amazing. Looking forward to getting out.


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    Nice whip! I have 120 hours on my 250XC and I love it more and more each ride :) Welcome back to riding.. you're gonna be so stoked on that thing!


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      If you're not familiar with the trails on the mountain, make sure you go to the members area and download the Welcome Package and the trail map.


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        Thanks Damien and rhmr250. I found this forum looking for area maps of the blue mountain/Mcnutt area. Last ride was 95kms in the caribou Horsefly lake area. Was great. Ridden this bike twice now, once out by Vedder area and the other by Horsefly. I?m so addicted now.


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          Went out yesterday afternoon on the mountain w a buddy. Hit up sandman, bill and teds, up wedgie then climbed up the rock ledges where it looks like a dirtbike parts graveyard. Was awesome. Dusty but great riding. Can?t wait to hit up more of the trail system. The XC just tractors up everything. The both of us were the ones getting gassed before the bikes. Lol.