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    Hello All,

    My name is Nav. Im a male rider. I recently decided to buy a dirt bike after many years.

    I just joined up the Blue Mountain Club. Hoping to meet up some new friends and get in some quality riding. I grew up and spent most of my life up in Kitimat, BC. I moved to Mission about 3 years ago and now am itching to ride. I don't have any other friends who ride so I am hesitant to go anywhere alone. Lone riding is something I don't really like doing.

    Desperation to ride my bike after performing all the required maintenance (I found a neglected dirty 2002 XR400 that needed TLC..a few parts) has taken me to Popkum motor park a few times. I have a blast there but it does not satisfy my need to explore and have a destination or to just roam around aimlessly!!

    I would love to meet anyone out there who could use another rider in their group or perhaps another lone rider who seeks a partner. Im an intermediate rider I think. slowly getting my bearings back but its not my first bike. Im not doing stunts or jumps either.

    my bike is a 2002 Honda XR400R. It was badly maintained but I gave it some love and care. running great now. I love these old Honda air cooled XR bikes.

    im also a paid member even though my info doesn't reflect that. not sure what happened there, but I am a paid up supporter. im not here to usurp free rides.

    Cheers everyone!!! Hope to meet up soon!

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    Nav, Go here: https://bluemountainmotorcycleclub.c.../50446-new-map
    to download the Welcome Package (good info to riders new to Blue Mountain) and the maps. The maps are in PDF, GPX and KML - the KML being my fav as you can have Google Earth on your smartphone and open the map on the mountain, pinpoint your location (to see what trail you're on, what other trails are around or to find your way back if you're lost.)

    Re the paid member thing - we disconnected the forum from the membership payment stuff, too much manual labour to sync things etc.

    As mentioned in the other post, we keep a mailing group list so we can get together for rides. This past Sunday, we started with 11 riders (which is a little big for a functional group, so we broke the group into smaller groups as the ride went on.) PM me your email address if you want to be on the mailing list.