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  • Trail Runners & Chain Saw Training

    Yup, this is a bit off topic but the trail runners are looking for help maintaining their trails and are offering a free chain saw training course. Anyone interested?

    Mountain Madness was created by Heather Macdonald to offer trail runners a skills-based training program based on fun and support. She organizes and leads trail clinics, trains leaders, organizes three races, provides trail maintenance days, supports fundraising, documents and photographs local trails, and encourages runners to take up this great sport.
    Contact Us Send an email to or call 604-990-9815.
    Chainsaw Training Opportunity
    Lakeview Trail
    We Need 3 Volunteer Chainsaw Operators To continue our trail clearing in Manning Park, Cathedral Park, Skagit Valley and Trapper Lake Trails, we are looking for 3 people who are interested in receiving free basic chainsaw operator training in return for helping clear trees and bushes over the coming years. In the future, get to meet our 2 Sawyers Don and Dave who have done the bulk of the clearing!
    Basic Chainsaw Operator Training
    • 2-day course.
    • Provided by certified trainer who meets WorkSafe standards.
    • Course fee included.
    • Safety gear included.
    • If you don't have chainsaw, we will loan one for training.
    • Gas expense covered if course is not in North Vancouver.
    • Date to be determined.
    Follow Mountain Madness Safety Plan. There must be 2 people out together at all times (our trail work fund helps to offset gas costs). Wear safety gear. Take photos of work. Coordinate work through Heather who sets up a basic schedule (we also coordinate work with BC Parks and BC Backcountry Horsemen for efficiency). You need your own chainsaw (recommendations will be provided for this; some are crap) and boots.

    Timeframe for Trail Clearing
    Our timeframe tends to be May to September when snow is not an issue. You can choose to go when you want, weekday or weekend. You can come out when we do scheduled Fat Dog racer trail work if you want.

    How to Apply
    Reply to this email by Dec 5 and provide the following:
    -Why do you want to do this?
    -How many days do you think you could contribute?
    Note: If you do not get selected, there may be room for you in the course if you are willing to pay your own fee.
    See you on the trails. Take care of them

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    Sounds like a lot of hiking while carrying a chainsaw.


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      To really fit in you should run and carry the saw. Just think of it as cross training!