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Spring Break Utah 2017

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  • Spring Break Utah 2017

    I asked Jacob where his pictures were because he told me the ipods take way better pics than Samsung. He told me it was way in the back of his pack. Anyways here is a picture of Utah.He is riding really good and gave me a few pointers for riding sand whoops.

    After driving for 12 hours just throw the kids behind the wheel.

    Jacob putting the final touches on the 350.


    Ray's Tavern.

    Downtown Pryce, UT.

    Wadded it up here. I hit a rock where Jacob is standing. The front end went "Thwack!" as the bars attempted to surpass full lock. My bike landed where it is and I was down her. Landed on a nice soft piles of rocks. Head, shoulder, elbow, hip then handguards.

    Vent tube from head cover was ejected from the bike.



    Inside Tamarisk Restaurant.

    Night time DS ride.

    The same road building material as Idaho.

    They will bring a phone right out to the table.

    Five Miles of Hell. Pfffffttttt...A thirteen year old can do it.

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    Looks like a great trip!


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      That's awesome Clay & Jacob!!


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        Hey thanks. Itr was a good time. However I think I would prefer to have a bigger group in case there is an accident being so far from home on unfamiliar territory. Or a spot at least.


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          You had a GPS, what could go wrong?


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            My gps doesn't call for help when there's a serial problem and I'm out of cell bars.


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              From the looks of this pic, I can see how you might be worried about a serious problem.



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                Actually that wasn't too bad although it took him 2 tries to get up.

                It is when he says things like"Dad, don't roll the whoops. Just go in hard to the first one then you can launch off of the the second and start double and tripling them."