Trail Information

Blue Mountain has over 120 KM of trails – all maintained by volunteers. There are work parties held usually about monthly (see forum or Facebook for dates) – the work parties are vital to the maintenance of the trails. It’s hard work, but very rewarding and a great opportunity to socialize with other riders.

Each trail has a trail rating. Some trails may have different ratings, depending on whether you’re going ‘up’ or ‘down’ the trail. Some trails are specified as ‘downhill only’, and some trails are downhill only in wet conditions. It’s very important that you:

  • Don’t attempt a trail that’s well beyond your (or your bike’s) capabilities – sitting and spinning the tire just tears up the trail and makes more work for the volunteers when they go out to maintain the trails.
  • Obey the signs about downhill only etc.
  • Avoid riding in the ruts – this will just make them worse and cause more damage to the trail. Wherever possible, ride on the trail out of the rut.
  • If you stop to roll some rocks off the trail, please ensure you don’t put the rocks in the drainage ditches that have been created to help with the water runoff.

32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-green_circle.svgEasy: An ‘easy’ trail at Blue Mountain is usually still generally considered a challenging trail for novice riders.

32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svgModerate: More challenging than Easy

32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svgHard: Even more challenging than Moderate – will typically require an experienced ride to complete

RedTriangleExpert: Trails reserved for very experienced/expert riders.



For new members, please download and read the Welcome Package:

BMMC Welcome Package


Download the Zip file to get PDF, GPX and KML (Google Earth) format maps:

KML, GPX and PDF formats (latest version – 2020A): McNutt Trail Map 2020A

TrailForks Map link:

TrailForks Map

Each link below takes you to more detailed info about that trail, with a map link (zoomed in to the area where the trail is) and often links to youtube videos of the trail.

List of trails:

Trail # Trail Name Rating Status
1 (Lower) Connector Road 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-green_circle.svg (Gravel Road)
2 Express Lane RedTriangle
3 Aloutte FSR (256th St) 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-green_circle.svg (Gravel Road)
4 Sandman 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-green_circle.svg
5 Wedgie 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
6 Ryan 187 (formerly Black Flies) 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
7 Sector 7G 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
8 Pallet 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
9 Jack Rabbit Slim 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg
10 Woods Pass 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
11 Berry Trail 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg
12 Burger and Fries 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg
14 Weasel 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
15 Ferret 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
16 Holy Smoke 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg(uphill from 88 Uphill)32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg
17 Upper Connector 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
18 Willys  Downhill:32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svgUphill:RedTriangle
19 Upper Muzz 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
20 License Plate 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
21 Muzz 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
22 The Zoo 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
23 93X 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
25 Hemp Hill 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
26 Holy Grail 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
27 Hump Hill 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
28 Joe Poke 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
29 88 Uphill 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-green_circle.svg (Gravel Road)
30 Tunnel Of Shove 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg
31 Lower Muzz 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
32 Duff 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
33 Spiney Norman 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg
34 Possum Lodge 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg
36 Pristine 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
37 Rear Admiral (Lower Section to Easy Out) 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
38 Diez Dubaze 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
39 Wages of Sin  Downhill:32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svgUphill:RedTriangle
41 Dark Trail  Downhill:32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svgUphill:32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg
42 San Fran 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg
43 SwitchBlade 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
44 Manor Road 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg (rocky former road)
45 Bill & Doug’s Excellent Trail 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
46 Barrel Trail 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg
47 L.M.S (Last Man Standing) RedTriangle
48 Tire Trail RedTriangle
49 Canterbury 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg
50 Buddy’s 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
51 Trials Trail 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg Downhill only
52 The Pit 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
53 More Muzz 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
54 Coolant 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
55 Gordy’s 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
56 The Hole 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg
57 20/20 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
58 Rear Admiral 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg
59 Loggers 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
60 Race Loop 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
61 Future Trail RedTriangle
62 Big Log 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
63 Smokestack Lightning 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg
64 Olga Downhill32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg Uphill:RedTriangle
65 Dr. Dementos 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg Closed for repairs
66 E.P. 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg Winter closure/repairs
67 Right to the Top Baby 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
68 Hump 2 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
69 The Line (RedTriangleDownhill only)
70 With God 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg Downhill only
71 Yellow Gate Road (gravel spur into single track) 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-green_circle.svg32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
72 The Chute 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg
73 V Trail 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
75 KCCK 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg Closed for repairs
76 Shotgun 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg Downhill only
77 The Fluffy Bunny Trail 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
78 IV Trail 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
79 Lake Drive 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
 92 Kill Roger RedTriangle
84 Easy Out 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
86 Ridge Trail 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg Winter Closure
88 Cub 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg Downhill only
89 Road House 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-black_diamond.svg
90 Slant Six 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
91 Dojo RedTriangle
92 LumberLand 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
93 The Dining Room 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
94 DNR 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
95 Little Log 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
96 Buddys East 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
97 Short Weasel 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
98 License Plate East 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
99 License Plate North 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
100 License Plate Seg 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg
101 Dinner Plate 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg