Ryan 187

Ryan 187 (formerly Black Flies)

Rating: Moderate 32px-Ski_trail_rating_symbol-blue_square.svg

Ryan 187 is dedicated to one of our fellow riders (Ryan Langley) who lost his battle with Cancer – the trail was formerly called Black Flies. Ryan 187 starts off the gravel road 88 uphill and ends at the lower connector road, with The Zoo T’ing off near the connector road. It’s a slightly harder trail to ride from Connector Road to 88 Uphill, than it is the other way.

Features: Ryan 187 has an unmarked loop off it part way through – if riding West to east, you’ll come to a T – going to the right will continue to The Zoo or lower Connector. Going left (or right, then left in about 30 ft) will take a loop that gets you back to this same spot. Some riders have become disoriented their first time through because of this.

Google Maps Link: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1D-CqQVNYKDUwzuyNhpholI0KWqJ_8Ec1&ll=49.24463832003268%2C-122.47360594608853&z=16

Youtube links:

Ryan 187 at night

Ryan 187 at night East to West