Blue Mountain

Finding Blue Mountain is pretty straightforward:

  • Turn north onto 256 St from Dewdney Trunk Road
  • Follow the road for 5 km (that’s 3 miles for our American friends) until you reach the yellow gate

Alternatively, you can enter the following address into your GPS or your smart phone map application to find the parking area:

14152 256 Street, Maple Ridge, BC

Paid members will have the code to open the gate and continue to the staging area, for non-members, parking is on the street

When you’re ready to ride, head north past the yellow gate for about one (2) kilometers (1.2 miles) until you see the sign on your right hand side for Sandman, the gateway to the Blue Mountain trail system. Please do not enter at “Trials Trail”, as this is designated as a downhill only.

STOP! Be sure to read the notices (if any) posted on the kiosk board in the Staging Area

There may be trail closures, active logging, or other circumstances that could ruin your day, so please read the notices on the board, on this website and on the Facebook page.

Respect the mountain

Obey marked trail closures, any directional signs you come across (there are very few), and do NOT stray off the trails. If you come to an obstacle you cannot cross, simply turn around. Do not braid new paths around obstacles.

Pack it in, pack it out

We enjoy picking up your garbage as much as you enjoy picking up ours. When you’re done riding and back at your truck, have a look around before you drive away. Do not leave any of your garbage behind. If you stop to take a break, please do not leave any garbage (wrappers, bottles, cans) on the trail – pack your garbage out.