Staging area and Gate access

BMMC Staging area.

In 2021, the club finally got a proper staging area, provided by RSTBC (Rec Sites and Trails BC).

To access the staging area you must be a current paid club member (see the store for membership purchases). When you pay for your membership, you’ll get a gate code, and in the membership package you’re mailed, you’ll receive a rear-view mirror hanger with the club logo and current year sticker. Hang the hanger from your rear-view with the Logo and year facing outwards.

To use the staging area gate:

  1. Slide the CLEAR (C) button down. This will reset the lock box from any previous numbers of attempts.
  2. Enter the combination. The combination code is provided to you automatically via email when you purchase a membership. If you didn’t receive your purchase confirmation email with the lock box code check your spam/junk boxes.
  3. Slide the UNLOCK button down.
  4. Take out the key and unlock the pad lock on the underside of the gate.
  5. Place the key back in the lock box and follow steps 1- 3 to re-lock the lockbox.You MUST enter the combination code again in order to re-lock the lock box.

When leaving, just do the same, ensuring the gate is closed and locked behind you.

If you have any problems with the gate etc., please email: [email protected]

Link to short video on the lockbox: BMMC Staging gate Lockbox video

It’s important not to let anybody in who doesn’t have a gate code: Without the code, they can’t unlock the gate to get back out and could get trapped behind the gate. Secondly, the staging area is a privilege that paid members get to enjoy. A membership isn’t required to ride the trails, but is requested, and if you have a membership, you’ll get to enjoy the use of the gated staging area.