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Blue Mountain has over 120 KM of trails – all maintained by volunteers. There are work parties held usually about monthly (see forum or Facebook for dates) – the work parties are vital to the maintenance of the trails. It’s hard work, but very rewarding and a great opportunity to socialize with other riders.

Each trail has a trail rating. Some trails may have different ratings, depending on whether you’re going ‘up’ or ‘down’ the trail. Some trails are specified as ‘downhill only’, and some trails are downhill only in wet conditions. It’s very important that you:

  • Don’t attempt a trail that’s well beyond your (or your bike’s) capabilities – sitting and spinning the tire just tears up the trail and makes more work for the volunteers when they go out to maintain the trails.
  • Obey the signs about downhill only etc.
  • Avoid riding in the ruts – this will just make them worse and cause more damage to the trail. Wherever possible, ride on the trail out of the rut.
  • If you stop to roll some rocks off the trail, please ensure you don’t put the rocks in the drainage ditches that have been created to help with the water runoff.


For new members, please download and read the Welcome Package:

BMMC Welcome Package


Download the Zip file to get GPX and KML (Google Earth) format maps:

KML and GPX formats (latest version – 2023J): McNutt Trail Map 2023J

Blue Mountain (AKA McNutt) Dirt Bike trails overview map:

McNutt on

Blue Mountain (McNutt) dirt bike trails

Trail Listing:

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