Monthly Club Meeting:

Monthly meetings are held the 1st Thursday of each month at Ricky’s Country Restaurant @101, 20110 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge

Trail Maintenance Days:

2023 Trail Maintenance dates: Generally, the last Sunday of each month. Watch the Facebook page for planned trail days.

The trails are always in need of work – without the hard work from the numerous volunteers, the trails would all end up getting closed for various reasons in a short period of time. This is why it’s so important that people volunteer their time as often as they can to help with maintaining the club’s trails. We typically hold a trail day on a Sunday every month (and usually take 2 months off during the summer). Before the annual Route of All Evil ride, we’ll usually hold some extras, and often some Wednesday evening ones as well, to help prep the trails for the annual ride. We meet around 9:30 in the staging area at the end of 256th street, organize into groups and then head out by 10am. For most work, we drive/hike in – a bike is not required. There are occasionally some remote trails, however, that will require volunteers to ride in.

Logging Operations:

We’ll post up info about any upcoming logging operations here. Please check back regularly.

Logging operations are part of life on Blue Mountain, and have been for a very long time – if you look closely, you’ll find evidence of logging from 100+ years ago – from huge old growth stumps to corduroy road (logs across the road from when they used horses the drag the cut trees out of the forest.) The club has an excellent working relationship with the logging operators at Blue Mountain, so it’s very important that the operations are fully respected.

Route of All Evil Fun Ride:

The annual Route of All Evil Fun Ride is a ride hosted by the club every year with an ‘A’ Loop (hard – usually over 50KM long) and a ‘B’ Loop (easier, but still a hard loop unless you’re an experienced rider, usually about 30KM long). The club has a BBQ after the ride with prizes (provided by the club’s corporate sponsors) to be given away. It’s a fun and challenging day.

For 2024, the ROAE will be held on June 23rd, 2024

Member/Volunteer Appreciation ride(s):

The club strives to have a Member Appreciation ride (guided rides in different rider levels open to all paid club members) or a Volunteer Appreciation ride (guided rides in different rider levels open to all current/recent volunteers on Trail Maintenance days) each year.